About Us

Javier Torres Head Coach and Founder


Javier brings professionalism and passion into his gym. As an athlete is he a Professional MMA Fighter and The Ultimate Fighter (TUF13) Vet, currently representing Bellator MMA.

He brings his expertise to include: Black Belt Judo – 2nd Degree Black Belt JiuJitsu and is a Professional in Muay Thai.​

His fight records include:

Combate Professional MMA Fighter (10-2-0-2nc)

Amateur Boxing Record 9-0 – Amateur MMA Record 7-1

6x Grappler Quest Advanced Absolute Champ 

6x NAGA Advanced Absolute Champ

2nd place World Championships NoGi Purple Belt - 2008

Mexico City International IBJJF NoGi Absolute Champ -2017

Winter USA National Champ – Judo - 2007 & 2008

MMA Explosion Las Vegas Champ - Xtreme Kombat MMA Champ

Has competed in Over 100 JiuJitsu & Judo Tournaments 

Javier is also a proud husband and father. This gym is his dream, and hopes it helps you achieve yours.